Lubb’s FAQs aim to provide information on how to customize and/or buy Lubb’s products, also informs services Lubb can offer.

How to buy Lubb’s products?

  • Select the products you wish, add them to the cart and then place the order;
  • You will receive and automatic email confirming we received your order;
  •  Afterwards we will send you another email with a proposal for both the articles you wish and transport.

Do Lubb’s products have warranty?

Yes, every Lubb product has warranty for the legal period, nevertheless all our products are designed and manufactured to have a long working life, far bigger than the warranty period.

Is it possible to return an article?

Yes, it is. Within 14 days after receiving the goods you may return any article you have bought. The goods must be returned in the original package, the buyer ir responsible for the transport charges related to the return.

Are Lubb’s products certified?

All Lubb’s veterinary products are issued a Compliance Declaration after being validated by our strict quality control department.

I would like to have a Lubb product, but with different dimensions or complementary functionalities, is it possible?

Yes, let us know which product you would like to have customized and we’ll present you a proposal.

I would like to have a veterinary product for a specific task that Lubb does not have, is it possible?

Yes, let us know what it is that you need and we’ll analyze and present you a solution.

I want to furnish a veterinary clinic/hospital/rehab center, may you assist me?

Sure, if you inform us on the scale of the project, requirements and blueprints of the spacewe’ll be glad to assist you in creating an interesting, comfortable and functional veterinary clinic/hospital/rehab center – tell us about your project.