About Us

Lubb – Passion for Quality Veterinary Furniture

The importance of animals in households has been steadily increasing and so is the need for veterinary services for the furry family members. Our mission is to continuously develop and offer quality veterinary furniture and related products for clinics.

  • Lubb Grooming products are a vital part of any veterinary clinic helping in the checkup of the animals´physical condition and improving their quality of life. Grooming allows the pets to build trust in the veterinary and feel more at ease in the clinic.
  • Lubb Surgery products aim at providing flawless products to help in these critical tasks be they orthopaedic, related to soft tissues or neurosurgical in nature.
  • Lubb Hospitalisation products help vets improve their patients´ comfort and care, promoting a swift recovery during a period when they are away from home and family.


We use only the best materials and think thoroughly about the usability of our products. Every detail of the Lubb line has been designed by and for veterinarians so you can focus on caring for your patients.


A personalised veterinary service can make a big difference when caring for any animal. We offer the possibility of customisation and can also design and develop new products. Just let us know your needs.


The Lubb range of products is wide, versatile and adaptable and we are always striving to bring new and effective solutions for veterinary practice.


The use of high quality materials ensures durability of our products which are imprinted with sound design, ensuring they will work perfectly over many years. AISI 304 stainless steel, hydrophobic particleboard and compact laminate with HPL (high pressure laminate) are some of the key materials used to minimise maintenance and improve performance.